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Vassilakou Urban Consulting GmbH.
Mag. Maria Vassilakou MSc
Dornbacher Straße 76, Top 1,
1170 Wien,

Object of the company: Consulting on projects in the field of urban development, alternative Infrastructure, ecological changes in urban space; Manage holdings at home and abroad; Provision of other services; Trade in goods of all kinds.

Company registration number: FN 562371 t

VAT-Number: ATU74865559

Laws re. professions: Österreichische Gewerbeordnung (GewO)
Job title: Consultant
Awarding country: Österreich

Phone: +43 (0) 664 831 75 04

Member of: WKO, Wien

Supervisory/Trade authority: Behörde gem. ECG: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XVII. Bezirke

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This website is owned by Maria Vassilakou, an independent consultant, advising cities, NPOs and corporations on the green urban transformation agenda. Vienna Solutions stands for a network of urban experts and professionists that Maria Vassilakou founded and coordinates. None of the network members relates to this website in terms of ownership, responsibility or accountability for the content or access to any of the collected data. This privacy statement explains how personal information is collected and used.

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Why is personal information stored?

Personal information and e-mail address are stored on three purposes: responding to your messages and requests.

How is your personal information protected?

Your personal information is protected from getting lost or destroyed and against usage, changes and distribution by unauthorized people.

Data leak

All necessary security standards are met to prevent unauthorized access and use of personal data. In case of a possible data leak, risk assessment and root cause analysis will be conducted an all required corrective action will be undertaken.


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Photo Credits:

Maria Vassilakou´s portrait published accompanying her brief biography was taken by Roman Zach-Kiesling.

Two of the used images related to the citizens´ solar power plants were taken by Ian Ehm and are accessible for free downloading from the website of Wien Energie. They were retrieved from

The image depicting Maria Vassilakou and the Mayor of Lisbon Mr. Fernando Medina, published related to the 365€ annual ticket for public transport is owned privately by Maria Vassilakou.

The image depicting Maria Vassilakou in a workshop situation, used to illustrate „Training“ in the About site is owned privately by Maria Vassilakou.

All other photos on this Website were taken by Christian Fürthner.

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