365 Euro annual public transport ticket

Viennas decision to reduce the price for the annual public transport ticket down to sensational 365€ (1€ per day) resulted in a sharp rise of 3% in the share of public transport within all daily trips and a dramatic decline of 6% in private car use in favor of green transport modes within only one year. Even more impressive is the curve of card ownership number. Starting at 360.000 annual ticket holders in 2012 ownership has risen up to 850.000 in 2020. Adding pupils and students who are detailed to even cheaper faires we arrive at more than 1 million annual card holders in Vienna – a globally unprecedented number in relation to a population of 1,9 mil Viennese.

Viennas 365€ annual ticket solutions is currently under discussion or implementation in several German cities and cities across the globe. It has been recently successfully implemented in the greater Lisbon area providing hundreds thousands of commuters with affordable green daily transport access to work.