Viennas Community Grants Scheme

A global pioneer in the implementation of the local agenda 21 following the UN-Climate Conference in Rio, Vienna looks back at decades of citizen activation and involvement resulting in a wide variety of co-designed or entirely bottom-up developed projects. The most recent innovation, Viennas community grants scheme „Grätzel-Oasis“ (Grätzel stands for neighborhood in Viennese dialect) resulted in more than 300 projects spreading across the city within only 3 years. The idea is simple and grabbing: Literally everybody can apply for a grant of 4000€ and transform an underused spot in the neighborhood on the condition of free accessibility for all without limitations, entrance fees or mandatory consumption of any kind. Ideas included so far several paclets, playing streets, farming initiatives, a neighborhood brunch and even an entire vegetable and animal farm! The scheme is not only a means of forging community and unleashing local innovation potential; it is also a powerful and efficient means for transforming the city rapidly practically „on a dime“.