Lake-City Aspern

Europe’s largest development is due for completion by 2028 and will provide housing (predominantly subsidized units) for more than 20.000 residents and working spaces for another 20.000 employees with an overall investment of €5bil. Situated adjoining a large beautiful artificial lake and accessed by two metro stations, Aspern City is already home to several thousand families, a variety of businesses and a shopping street which is only one of Aspern´s numerous innovative projects as it is managed by SES, a European shopping center operator, who offered invaluable advice already in the planning phase, proceeding to provide an excellent mix of shops and services, operating already as the first residents arrived. Functioning as Viennas smart living lab, Aspern was designed and evolved involving neighboring communities. It is managed from the very beginning by Wien3420 AG, an Agency jointly owned by the City of Vienna and crucial Stakeholders. Numerous innovations have been developed, prototyped and tested successfully here, rendering Aspern to Viennas absolute smart hot spot, hosting delegations from all over the world each year. Currently „HoHo“ the worlds tallest timber-concrete-hybrid high-rise is under construction as a lighthouse project and a signature building. (LINK Bilder, Site Seestadt)