Nordbahnhof/Rudolph Bednar Park

One of Viennas best examples of urban transformation, Nordbahnhof is a former railway area currently undergoing conversion into one of the city’s most beautiful urban quarters. The project can be regarded as a best practice in several ways: it comprises the highest planning quality focussing on child-friendly design with vast 24/7 accessible green spaces, traffic calming, direct public transport access, spaces for stores and community uses at ground level and a modern school campus opening into the vast central park. Nordbahnhof will be offering residencies for 5000 plus space for 5000 employees. The share of subsidized (social) housing lies by 2/3, built on the basis of competitions, fulfilling the highest standards. Most residencies dispose of large balconies, some even of swimming pools on rooftops. Several innovative community housing models (subsidized houses designed and co-owned by their residents) are also included. Nordbahnhofs Masterplan was developed in a broad citizen involvement process. Nordbahnhofs highly active residents´ community serves as a magnet for the entire region, organizing several on-site activities – most notably extensive community farming and even a summer festival with open air cinema. The quarter will be constructed in several subsequent phases; all relevant design principles and agreements between the City of Vienna and the land owner consortium are included in an urban contract. A quality management entity is responsible for steering and monitoring the development process though all phases and will continue to operate until after completion as a focal point for new residents.